How Aulisa Helps with Social Life after Having a Baby

How Aulisa Helps with Social Life after Having a Baby

There’s no turning point in a couple’s life quite like parenthood. As exciting as it is to welcome a new baby into the family, it can also be a stressful and potentially isolating time for even the most socially connected moms and dads.

Feeling lonely and isolated after having a baby is very common, but time away from friends doesn’t have to last long. Aulisa Guardian Angel®s can help new parents by keeping real-time tabs on their babies’ health and being the extra eyes and ears inside the nursery, so that mom and dad can gradually get social.

  • Peace of Mind

When the infant is sleeping, one parent is at work, and the other needs to be elsewhere in the house, our Guardian Angel® monitoring systems can keep a watchful eye. Parents can see the baby’s heart rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation levels on their smartphone or on the display monitor, and they can rest certain that if the baby’s vitals change suddenly, an auditory alert will alert them immediately, allowing them to attend to their child.

Because the first few months of motherhood are usually a roller coaster of emotions, having somebody to talk to, complain to, laugh with, and tell them the baby is adorable can be a lifeline for new parents. Research shows that mothers who have access to dependable emotional support from others have higher self-esteem, are more confident as parents, and struggle less to remain social after baby arrives. So, invite your besties over and enjoy some adult conversation while the baby sleeps safely in the crib!

  • Security Camera

Thanks to our smart camera system (the receiver-transponder), parents can keep a close eye on the baby anytime they are away. Our 

Guardian Angel® 2001 Lite series has no distance restrictions and allows for video & audio to be streamed on a smartphone from any place where there is signal or WIFI; parents can therefore check on their little one while they are at work or out on a date night. In case a health-related alarm sounds, the camera will capture a three-minute clip (30 seconds before & 150 seconds after) and store it to be assessed later.

Even though it can feel stressful to figure out how to maintain friendships with a new baby, an easy place to start is to just get out of the house. A short walk down the street, or even a trip to the grocery store or mall, can alleviate feelings of isolation and leave new parents feeling more connected to the world around them.

And as long as they have their smartphone with them, thanks to the superior technology developed by Aulisa Medical, the baby is always just a tap away.

Moms and dads, we’ve got you covered!

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