Aulisa® Guardian Angel®
    Centralized Multiple Patient Monitoring (CMPM)

We’re here to transform the way care is delivered inside medical centers and at home.

System Constructed with FDA Cleared Devices to Monitor Multiple Patients 

Aulisa Patient Monitoring Platform driven by proprietary Software and App

Continuous Vital Sign Monitoring

Aulisa® Guardian Angel® GA1000Rx or GA1001Rx Lite + Gateway

Measures Oxygen Saturation & Pulse Rate

Suitable for Adult, Pediatric, and Infant Patients

Early Detection Visual and Audible Alarms

Cost-Effective System & Customizable to Multiple Medical Settings 

Streamline Remote Monitoring: Your Solution for Multi-Patient Care

Aulisa Guardian Angel® RX CMPM System is a Centralized Multiple Patient Monitoring System for Continuous, Real-time Digital Vital Signs for adult, pediatric and infant patients.

It can be wirelessly integrated and used on a single patient or to monitor multiple patients simultaneously from a centralized nursing location, resulting in huge cost savings and efficiency for hospitals, or other medical facilities.

The centralized monitor can be placed at a nursing station or doctor’s office to monitor multiple patients remotely on a large display.

The system annunciates alarms (voice and text) to alert healthcare workers at the Centralized display monitor and the single-patient Guardian Angel®, when the patients’ vital signs are out of range.

Aulisa Guardian Angel® centralized monitoring system can be customized to fit the unique requirements of the medical facility.

What are the benefits to my medical facility?

• Reduce costs by informed decision-making, staff burdens and multiple patient monitoring compared with other systems.
• Increase number of patients that can be monitoring simultaneously.
• Monitor patients on CMPM webpage from any device that is connected to Wi-Fi. 
• Ensure ‘limited contact’ between caretakers and patients by monitoring COVID-19 or any contagious patients remotely.
• Enhance patient care and safety with continuous monitoring of vitals.
• Ability to store patient data in Aulisa's cloud server or in storage location of your choice to fit your facility's needs.
• Improve patient comfort with wearable, wireless vitals technology.
• Decrease time and labor required for vitals spot checks.
• Receive early detection warnings for additional time to respond to patient health emergencies.

Intended Patients
- Adults (Weight: Over 88 lbs/40 kg)
- Pediatrics (Weight: 22-88 lbs/10-40 kg)
- Infants (Weight: 22 lbs/10 kg)

Intended Uses for Adults, Pediatrics and Infants
- Applicable Settings for Hospitals, ICU, NICU, Various Home Care Centers, Sleep Labs and Dialysis Centers.
- COVID-19 or or other transmissible disease patient monitoring
- Sleep apnea patient monitoring
- COPD patient monitoring
- Patients with other respiratory or sleep disorders/conditions

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"Thank you for providing us with such a convenient system. It has made a significant difference in our lives, allowing us to monitor Grandma's well-being even when we're not in the room. Our family is truly grateful for the peace of mind Aulisa® Guardian Angel has brought us." 

- Nurse Li 
Renji Hospital Dialysis Center

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