Ten Reasons You Should Choose Aulisa Guardian Angel®

Ten Reasons You Should Choose Aulisa Guardian Angel®

Monitoring systems are a great way to keep tabs on your loved ones while they are asleep, however, it’s never easy to find the right one. You need a device that’s smart, reliable, and makes you feel secure over the functionality of its features.

What’s there to love about our devices? Here are ten things that guarantee your peace of mind as your loved one is monitored by our Aulisa Guardian Angel®.

  • FDA-Cleared, Medical-grade Technology

This is the only FDA Cleared monitoring and alarm system available for use in the comfort of your home. Our devices provide superior continuous and accurate readings to give you more peace of mind. Because everyone deserves stress-free monitoring made easy.

  • Wireless for Freedom of Movement and Safety

No wires to get twisted or in the way with comfortable wearable technology only. And we take safety as seriously as you do, therefore there’s no need to worry about hazardous wires and security vulnerabilities. Our innovative module sensor will stay-in-place all night long, comfortably secured on the user’s thumb/finger.  

  • Measures Temperature, Blood Oxygen Saturation & Pulse

Our sensor module is designed to continuously (once per second) and accurately measure the vital signs: temperature, heart rate (PR), and oxygen saturation levels (SpO2). Pulse amplitude (PA) is also shown with a bar to signal the strength of the reading.

  • Adjustable Vitals Alarm Limits

The vitals’ lower and upper limits can be customized to appropriately match the user’s need. Under normal circumstances, the alarms have preset default limits.

If a health situation occurs, real-time visible and audible alarms will alert you. Customize the upper and lower vitals limits so your alarms are based on the individual age and needs of your loved one. When the alarm sounds, you will know there is a need to intervene immediately.

  • Long Battery Life

Our products make use of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A fully charged battery will last at least 22 hours, and it will take about 3 hours to charge to a 100% battery level. No more worrying about batteries running low or dying on you constantly and you’ll even hear medium Priority alarms alerting you battery is running low.

  • Smart App

The Aulisa View (or Lite) App is easy to use, depending on your selected device, and shows the real-time vitals on your smartphone. It requires no subscription fee and can be downloaded from the App and Google stores. Everything you need to know in the palm of your hand, quite literally. Smart tech lovers, we’ve got you covered!

  • Sensors Available for Babies, Kids & Adults

Our products are available for use by all age groups, therefore our Guardian Angel®s can watch loved ones across generations. The GA1001, GA2001, and GA1001 Lite systems feature a smart sensor designed for an infant, while the GA1000, GA2000, and GA1000 Lite will include modules for a child or an adult depending on selection. Your Guardian Angel®® watches over infants up to 22 pounds. As your child grows, change the infant sensor module for one made for children, 22 to 88 pounds. For over 88 pounds, the Guardian Angel®® sensor for teenagers and adults continues to keep watch.

  • Security At The Highest Level Of Encryption Standards.

Protecting our patients’ data is of vital importance to us. Our products are dependable, double encrypted, using both AES-128 data encryption, as well as an Aulisa private encryption method for optimal security.

  • Easy Set-Up

Some monitors come with numerous buttons, cords, and modes, making the set-up quite a tech puzzle. Our systems, however, were designed to be up and running in a manner of minutes. Our Quick Start Guides are available for instructions and easy set-up in no time!

  • HSA / FSA Qualified

The Aulisa Guardian Angel®â systems are approved by the IRS for FSA and HSA reimbursement. So what are you waiting for? Check out our product selection if you always want to know your loved one is healthy and sleeping well regardless of your location.

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