Why Millennial Parents Love Smart Tech & Remote Monitoring

Why Millennial Parents Love Smart Tech & Remote Monitoring

Millennials have a strong reputation for valuing health and wellness. They use apps and wearables to track their fitness, sleep cycles, diets and work habits, and as they transition to parenthood, tracking their child’s health is next in line.

Clearly, millennials are driving the change in parenting. The demand for baby tech products and services has been growing exponentially as this generation leans into the comfort of gadgets when starting families. Having grown up tech-savvy, more than nine-in-ten (1) millennials own a smartphone nowadays. This means that they expect data-driven information at their fingertips and feel comfortable buying products that deliver modern digital solutions to the age-old issues. In fact, no other previous generation has had the technological opportunities that millennials now enjoy, therefore it’s only natural that they seek the same level of convenience as they enter the world of parenting.

New parents can relate to how life with a newborn is filled with lots of wonderful moments, from their first breath to their first step. But parenthood also brings a new set of worries and anxieties. For new moms and dads, smart gadgets and connected devices can certainly play a major role in easing some of the stress and uncertainty, especially during the first few months of a baby’s life.

Here at Aulisa® Medical, we recognize that keeping your child safe and sound is your number one concern as a new parent, and we are dedicated to developing technology that gives you peace of mind. Our Aulisa Guardian Angel®® series is the only wearable, wireless vitals monitoring and alarm system with FDA Cleared technology available for use in the comfort of your home.


Unlike many other monitors on the market, our devices provide superior and accurate readings without unnecessary bells and whistles, cords or wires and complicated set-ups. Our focus is on providing exceptional quality and technology to check blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate (PR) once per second continuously. You can use adjustable vital limits to customize upper and lower vitals limits for improved alarm accuracy and keep watch during all those hours of sleep to ensure your little one is resting safely.


For example, our Guardian Angel 2001 Lite is a wearable, wireless vitals monitoring system specifically designed for infants with a stay-in-place foot strap that is convenient to put on and fits any infant foot. The upside of the GA2001 compared to the GA1001 Lite is that, in addition to real-time vitals, remote monitoring is available as well as video and audio visibility on the system display unit. And our smart tech parents will love these features; you don’t have to stay within 32′ feet of your infant and the video, audio and vitals are even recorded and saved for the three-minute period surrounding each health-related alarm. We know how vital sleep is to the entire family and we understand how busy schedules are nowadays with, often times, both parents working. That’s why we want to empower millennial families with the technology and tools they need to make informed parenting decisions to keep their little one(s) safe and healthy.

Want to get started with smartphone and app monitoring only? Check out how our Aulisa Guardian Angel GA1001 Lite keeps watch on your loved ones and makes stress-free monitoring easy without the hassle of cords. Because your baby’s health matters to us!

Aulisa Guardian Angel®® GA1001 Lite

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