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The Next Evolution in Vitals Monitoring

Our medical-grade remote, continuous, wireless vitals monitoring and alarm systems expand what is possible in patient care. Why should you choose Aulisa Guardian Angel® monitoring systems for your patients? 

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Comfortable, Unrestricted Movement

Improve the patient experience with the Guardian Angel® vitals monitoring and alarm system that provides wireless, wearable comfort via a comfortable wrist strap and cable sensors for adult and pediatric patients. A convenient foot strap, specifically for infants, delivers the same comfort and safety to the smallest of patients.


Pulse Rate & SpO2 Checked Once per Second

Benefit from immediate spot-checking of patient SpO2 and pulse rate as well as continuous monitoring of patients during non-motion and under well-perfused conditions.


NEW: Centralized Multiple Patient Monitoring (CMPM) System

Aulisa Guardian Angel® RX CMPM System is a Centralized Multiple Patient Monitoring System for Real-time Digital Vital Signs. It wirelessly integrates multiple single-patient Aulisa Guardian Angel® to a centralized monitoring system with a standard 16 bed or patient configuration. The centralized monitor can be placed at a nursing station or doctor’s office where they can monitor multiple patients remotely on a large display.

The system sounds alarms to alert healthcare workers at the Centralized display monitor and the single-patient Guardian Angel®, when the patients’ vital signs are abnormal. Aulisa Guardian Angel® centralized monitoring system can be customized to fit the unique requirements of the medical facility and substantially reduce the nursing time.


Non-Intrusive, Earlier Prevention Possible

Audio and visual alarms sound when SpO2 level or pulse rate are below or above the preset limits, which are customizable for each patient.


Alarm-Triggering Health + Data Recorded & Saved

Three minutes of data, starting 30 seconds before and ending 150 seconds after each alarm-triggering health incident, is saved and recorded for later evaluation by a health care professional, expanding the opportunities for delivering appropriate treatment and outpatient care.


Stay Informed Regardless of Location

Cloud-based, continuous, remote monitoring of patient vitals enables patient audio, video and vitals to be viewed on the display unit anywhere there is a wifi signal. With the Aulisa app, patient video and vitals can also be viewed on your cell phone for optimal convenience.
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Protecting Patient Information & Access

Guardian Angel® is double encrypted, using both AES-128 data encryption as well as an Aulisa private encryption method to ensure the security of patient information.

Hear what medical professionals say about Aulisa:

Global Future Direction of Long-Term Care

Long-term care for remote locations is difficult and non-invasive on-site inspections aren’t effective. This has always been one the most pressing problems in long-term care services. Aulisa’s continuous, remote vital sign monitoring and real-time alarm system can effectively reduce the pressure of shortage of long-term care. Whether it is used in personal homes or institutions requiring long-term care, it can relieve the caregivers from constantly worrying about unexpected medical emergencies of the care recipients, and the care recipient will also feel safer with Aulisa’s Guardian Angel® monitoring system. The global future direction of long-term care will inevitably be the combination of non-invasive precision medical technology with smart healthcare and disease prevention.

– Ye Shuhui, Director of Mackay Medical College 

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